Religion, in my part of the world, is scary. Only because some of the “believers” are not really interested in religion’s essence, purpose or the way it is supposed to guide us.

New year starts today, as per the Islamic Calendar. 1st Muharram – the month when Jang-e-Karbala claimed Imam Hussain’s life. This month is marred with sadness, grief and regret amongst the Shi’a sect, and is respected by others. However, with political agendas on the forefront of every religious event, I am scared of what the first day of our new year holds for us. 

What am I scared of, you ask?
Quiet a few things. I am scared of the lives that will be lost, of the bloodshed and permanent disabilities inflicted upon innocents, of vehicles and properties being torched, of unrestrained looting and rapes, of disconnected communication mediums, of emergencies that will not be responded to, and hell that will break lose. And you know what’s the cherry on top? All this will take place, in the business capital of Pakistan, for no reason! Hell yes! Angry mobs will take over the streets, terrorize the rest, and become the true barbarians that they are.

I am struggling to keep the optimism alive, chanting that it might be a peaceful start of a new year. Maybe its just rumors. But, it’s difficult.

I shall be keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow.