A decade ago, when Internet started to take over the corporate world and bank loans came too easy, many businesses were established. While some were blown away by management and resource crisis, others clawed their grounds hard enough to weather the stormy days out. Those organizations rode the tech-tide, defying traditions and norms at every possible turn and created their own, en route. What’s interesting is that their own set principles were never set enough, and ALWAYS evolving.

Despite all, they survived. And today, recruit a large number of people. Maybe you are part of such venture already.


> The deeply rooted ‘saethia’ system is there to say. One or maybe two or three wo/men run the show, and the tunes are not changing anytime soon

> Constant evolution could mean lack of stability for some. When notions, perceptions and definitions change almost every week, it maybe too shaky for you to swim through.

> Huge paychecks with impressive designations while you are bringing in much more money. When things get tough financially, ruthless rationalizing may become the order of the day.

> You learn, contribute towards the organization, you are promoted as a result, and the cycle repeats itself. Sometimes, you learn but not enough to justify your stance in the industry (not the company). This makes you too expensive for traditional (and even nontraditional companies) sometimes to hire. And then, you are bound to put up with all kinds of horrifying working styles, attitudes and communication. Unless you are a girl, not a bread winner, and have the luxury to walk out if and when you please.

> Long working hours; and if they say it’s only during the teething years, don’t believe them. It’s their way of working.

I am certainly not making a sweeping statement and by no means am I suggesting that working for such ventures can be a nightmare. In fact, sometimes it can be quite the other way round. As they usually recruit young blood, the energy level and synergy will keep you on your toes, willing you to push yourself a little further every time. You learn, adapt and survive. Money and fringe benefits pay the bills and leave some for leisure. You might meet some great people.

Just be prepared to put in a lot of time, energy and dedication. It may be rewarding but it will definitely come with a hefty price tag. Just be prepared for that.

Happy Working Hard Guys! 😀