Your womanly intuition tells you that something, somewhere is fishy, but you just cannot be sure. You find him distracted more often than not, and wandering in the wrong direction. Guess what? You don’t have to beat yourself any more to find the truth as Chacha brings to you 10 signs that will confirm is your beloved is cheating on you or not.

  1. You’re Having Less Sex: If he’s getting it on the side, you’re bound to notice a decrease in the amount of time you spend together in the sack. Less sex is a sign that something is wrong in your relationship.
  1. He’s Done It Before: I’m sure you’ve heard this common expression: “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” That may not always be the case, but it became a popular saying for a reason. If your guy has been caught cheating in the past – on you, with you, or on a past girlfriend – you might be at risk.
  1. He Avoids Certain Places: If you keep trying to plan a date to a certain restaurant or location and he always comes up with some reason not to go there, you might have a problem!He could be trying to keep you and another woman separate by only taking you to specific places; if he takes two women to the same restaurant, someone might ask questions.
  1. He Needs “Space”: A lot of guys need space in a relationship, as do a lot of girls. But if he has gone overboard from the start to make it known that he wants excessive space, you might have a cheater. Cheaters will often develop a pattern early on to convince you that talking on the phone every day or seeing each other more than twice a week is “clingy,” all in an effort to maintain plenty of time for his on-the-side shenanigans.
  1. He’s Secretive About His Phone/Internet Use: A fair amount of privacy is a good thing, and it’s important to respect it, but if he’s shady about his browser history (and not just because he’s been checking out sites like and acts extra secretive about the messages on his cell phone, it might be time to worry. If he didn’t have something to hide, why would it be such a big deal?
  1. He Avoids Your Friends: When you offer to let him hang out with your buds, and he refuses every time, it’s a bad sign. If he gets close with your friends, they’ll be more likely to recognize him and possibly catch him out on a date with another girl. He’s covering his tracks.
  1. His Grooming Habits Change: If you’ve been dating for a while and it’s not a special occasion, he’s usually scruffy and messy-haired. You suddenly notice a new supply of cologne, a clean-shaven face, and fancy hair gel. Danger, Will Robinson!If he’s banging someone new on the side, he’ll be putting a lot more effort into his appearance than he would for just you.
  1. The Rumour Mill is Buzzing: We all hate the rumor mill, but it is good for some things. If you hear through the grapevine that he’s seeing another woman, he probably is. Run! Always remember, some men can be with women and actually be cheating on you with a male friend of theirs too. This has happened to a close friend of mine in the past and she only found out because she noticed her partner would have rather click this or a link similar during his private time. Either way, run!
  1. He’s Learned New Tricks: Mixing it up in the bedroom can be a great thing for a relationship, but if he starts getting really freaky in ways you’ve never seen before, it could be a signal that he’s picked up these tricks from another woman.
  1. Physical Signs:Last, but not least, you notice the obvious signs: lipstick on his collar, another woman’s perfume, hickeys, etc. The physical signs of cheating don’t lie.

We say love, but with caution.