– Life is funny. And even funnier are the relationships we form en route.

– A colleague is getting married in a few months. As her beau works at the same place as she, they are usually hanging out together in their break times and discussing things like photography for the wedding day, dresses, events, guest list, and all such adorable details that make a romantic like me sigh. However, I wonder if they know that they have something so enviable and should guard it with all they have. Maybe they do know it. Maybe they don’t. I Hope as hell that they do.
– I shared my dreams & ambitions with a friend last night, but s/he did not respond, at all. I wish I hadn’t shared and allow him/her to make them appear so insignificant.
– Everyone needs space. Its only natural. All you and I must remember is that too much space is distance, and in the long-run, the bridge covering the distance crumbles down and so do relationships.