I don’t know about others but I certainly do have looney-days once in every few weeks.

What is a looney-day, you may ask.

  • It’s that SPECIAL day when everything frustrates me. From shoe size being too big to favorite shirt being too small for work
  • It’s when you question everything and everyone in your life, and ask yourself if you really need them.And are they worth it
  • It’s when you have back-to-back meetings and resources sneak out when you aren’t looking (without delivering their tasks for the day)
  • it’s when your immediate boss calls you for a meeting and updating him about projects makes you wanna cry
  • It’s the unfortunate day for a colleague who gets snapped at for no reason, while your boss giggles in his head and pities your hormonal imbalance
  • It’s when someone smiles at you and instead of smiling back, you start thinking what could be the hidden agenda behind that saccharine smile
  • Most of all, it’s a day when you wish you were normal. Like others. You wouldn’t have fought to work at 16 and be at an enviable and demanding position in your career. When you wish you had stayed at your university to complete your graduate and post graduate studies at a leisurely pace, and start your career at 25 only because you are bored.
  • Also, it’s the day when your decisions don’t look very sensible and you doubt your intelligence too.
  • You crave junk food and just thinking about chocolate has you salivating.
It’s my looney-day today…and this I am writing at 3:30 AM. Says it ll, no?
Tell me, do you have looney days ever? What are they like? Share with us – we look forward to hearing from you!