Book Review: “Summer’s End” Can be a New Beginning for You

Let me give you a dirty little secret about myself:
I am a book-aholic (its your fault if you were expecting anything minutely more interesting than this, okay?). Anyway. I can spend days and nights under a quilt with crisps and a romance novel (historical romance makes it perfect). And this is exactly what I did last night and the source of sheer pleasure was Danielle Steel’s Summer’s End.
This is how the story goes: 
When events conspire to irrevocably alter Deanna Duras’s comfortable but empty life, Pandora’s box can never again be closed. Over the course of a single summer, Deanna discovers her husband is cheating on her, begins a successful painting career, loses her 16-year-old daughter Pilar in a tragic motorcycle accident, and meets the love of her life, Ben Thompson–a highly respected art dealer who plans and executes a phenomenally profitable show for her. Only a creation of Danielle Steel’s can accomplish so much in such a short time (as the rest of the world watches reruns on television!). Matters are complicated further when Deanna discovers she is pregnant; is the baby her husband’s or her lover’s? At summer’s end, Deanna will have to decide between returning to her old life or following her heart. (Courtesy, Good Reads)
It’s awe-inspiring how words can thread a world around you, create fictional characters for you more alive than the one with flesh, and feelings that embrace and incite deep emotional response.
Some may say ‘she does the same thing over and over again’; I beg to differ. Romance and drama might be the constants in her stories but that is it. Characters, line of events, sentiments and pleasure are always unique, refreshing and absolutely lovable; And the best bit about her novels is the hope, positivity and love for life it infuses in you is priceless.
A recommended read!

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  1. I have been in love with her since high school,but as time goes by you move on. But still once in a while nostalgia hits and then it’s Danielle steele’s time!

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