The plan for the day was simple — decide whether we (my best friend and I) head to Sunday Bazaar, DHA or Literature Festival at Carlton. I detest the former and was dying to go to the latter. However, bestie wanted to buy books from the Bazaar, so I submitted to her will and drove to the decided destination. Bought books and were walking out to drive to Nandos for lunch when an unfortunate incident changed the course of events. We fought, Nandos was forgotten and we made our way to her place. Due to the long distance and my beau’s reservation with the area, I called him while waiting for bestie to get done with ATM-ing. We decided that I pick him up from his place, which is on the the way anyway. 
We arrived at his appts when bestie chose to walk out on me and outta car to go home via rickshaw. I tried to talk sense, and to be honest I really wasn’t expecting her to be so rude, but she turned her back and walked away, leaving me speechless and immobile . My fiancé came out in a few mins, asked about my friend and was equally stunned to hear what had happened. Sighing over the situation, we started thinking as to what should we do now. We were to go for prayers in about an hour and half. My stomach growled around the same time and we headed to Nandos for lunch.
I has my quarter chicken meal and he had Nestlé’s guava juice, sold to him as fresh juice. I enjoyed my meal and our conversation, but lost track of time. We were late and would not have made it for prayers at any cost. We again got our heads together, and decided to check out the sale at Fifth Avenue. He wanted to do so for a while. We made our way to big one mistake–we headed to Park Towers.
It was a mistake for a lot of reasons: it was a Sunday, valentines day was around the corner and it was park towers! I had heard many people cribbing about how the crowd sucks..but we paid no heed to the warning and still went ahead with it. 
I hated it – every single, tiny second of it.
Reasons why I hated it oh-so-much:
1. It is crowded. It’s like 5 people per sq. ft!
2. There were invisible W11s parked outside and all bus conductors inside the mall.
3. People stank
4. They stared at regions of female anatomy they had no right to think about, let alone stare!
5. Their hands brushed a girl’s arm and bum oh-so-innocently
6. Capri, Cadbury, Scentsation and some-laptop-seller had their stalls for marketing activity at the ground floor, with 8 sales people for each kiosk! They gave a new meaning to crowded I swear!
7. Sale at Fifth Avenue sucked!
8. For the record, all other stores with Seasonal Sale & Discounts had nothing good to offer.
8. Food Court had nothing good to offer and no decent place to sit and eat.
9. They had hearts made of fur –> talk about cheezy!
10. We spent about 2 hours there, and came out without making a single purchase! No, we did buy something-a choco dip cone from McDonalds. Yes, that is all that we got in 2 hours!!!