I Am Going To Die… And So Will You!

I am going to die… and so will you. You (muslims) are going to be buried in a dark grave, alone to face the Angels of Death, and present an account for all your deeds and misdeeds. There will be no one to hold your hand, no second chances and no time for apologies. Imagine being under the surface of earth, with soil enveloping you, to eventually swallow you in to eternity. Imagine…your death; and then think about your life now.

I read this on someone’s Facebook wall today:
“O Allah! Forgive her, and have mercy on her and keep her in protection and forgive her. Let her arrival in the grave be a very respectful one, and broaden her resting place, and cleanse her of her sins with water, snow and hail, and cleanse her of her transgressions as white cloth is cleansed of stains…take her to the paradise and protect her from the punishment of the grace (and of the fire)”

Take a minute, and read it again. This time, take it slow and let every word seep into your sub-conscious soul.

I know my blog is all about fashion, clothes, men, romance, beauty and such. And this content is very different from what I usually blabber about. But this is much more important and serious than everything else.

Having said that, I want to wake up and thank Allah miyan for this call. I know I cannot turn in to a perfect Muslim overnight but I must try. Following are some of the changes I plan to begin with:

1. Offer prayers on time, and regularly
2. Pay zakaat (dasoond) without fail
3. Make a conscious effort to not hurt anyone and keep them happy whenever possible
4. Respect the boundaries religion has drawn for my good; this would include code of conduct, work ethics, dressing, etc (this point will prove to be the most difficult one but I shall try whole heartedly)
5. Make my parents proud, keep them happy and be their support in old age
6. In near future, be a wife who is most loyal, respectful of him and fulfills all her responsibilities in an exemplary fashion
7. Do at least 1 selfless good deed a day..

Guys, I know life today defies all rules, limitations and boundaries set by Islam, our beloved Prophet and Imams. However, at all times, we must remember that our Prophet endured a lot of pain to provide us with Islam and a code of life that can secure our life in hereafter. The one who created us will once again meet us and demand an account of every second we spent in the world. You and I need to get prepared for it.

Let’s try and rise above the dirt we are tangled up in…to return to the right path, and follow His guidance to please Him and save our selves from the fire meant for sinners. Ameen.

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