Beware of Blow-Drys!!

After an amazing face massage at the Oxygen Spa, I moved on for a blow dry.

Lubna, the women responsible for hair washes, smiled at me sweetly, wrapped a towel around my shoulders and got to work. After shampooing, she deeply conditioned my hair and prepared them for blow-dryer’s brutal heat.

I was awaiting Huma, blow-dry expert at Oxygen. With me in the same room was an elderly lady, getting her hair fall and protein treatment done. Where I was feeling a little cold, she was sipping a chill lemonade and whining about the hot weather.

Huma finally came and started working on my hair. I was cold the whole while. When it got unbearable, I asked Huma if we could possibly turn off the AC. She did so dutifully.

The other women in the room had to get deep heat for her hair and her server apologetically asked me if she could turn on the AC. I said ‘sure’.

By the time I got my blow dry done,I was positively frozen with a slight headache.

It was a hot day and it felt great to be under the sun. I drove to work happily. My slight headache relaxed for a while, before turning into an excruciating one 5 mins after I reached work. I was shivering..

The whole day went by battling the different degrees of headaches. Throughout the day, I kept on drawing conclusions, as to what had caused the headache. I was convinced that it was due to the face massage. Somehow, all my stressful toxins accumulated around my temple and thus the killer headache. By the time I reached home around 10, I had it figured out finally.

After the hair wash, I sat right across the AC. With dropping wet hair and AC in close proximity, it’s suicidal. And my mom has been saying this for the longest time ever. Whenever I would air-dry my hair under the fan, she would scream about it being hazardous to my health. And hence, proven.

So ladies, save yourself from the torture and do not prance anywhere near an AC or a fan right after the shower.

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