You Live the Best When You Live on Your Own

I have said this before, I know. But every day, I get a reinforcement from people around me, confirming the truth and the secret of happiness this particular way of life contains.

What happened today that reminded me of this lesson, you may ask.

This is how the story goes:
I got a grey-color tunic about two weeks back. It has big grey button and a simple pattern. It looks good, but grey. Too grey. I paired it up with black denim and grey court shoes. It was an appropriate attire for work, but I reeked boredom. Looking for something colorful, I decided to accessorize it. Unfortunately, my colorful lariat was a ball of messy knots. I texted a friend to bring hers along. She message back her confirmation with a big yes. Still, i wore a deep red lariat, broad red bangle and a red stoll, just in case.

I reached work, and after a while, my friend arrived as well. In an off-handed manner, she excused for she couldn’t bring her lariat as her sister had misplaced it.

If I did not have my own accessories to get me through the day, I would have been thoroughly pissed. She could have looked for it before she confirmed, she could have texted as soon as she found out that she cannot bring it, or she could have at least tried looking genuinely bothered. Had I reacted in any negative way, would it be justified? Maybe. Would it help? Hell, no! But my lack of dependency saved me from an ugly, useless episode.

Moral of the story:
Rely on your self only. Get as many things as possible done on your own. This way, if some one really does care and does something for you, it will be a source of joy and an unexpected, pleasant surprise.

Yes, sometimes you will find yourself in situations that you cannot get through alone. You will need someone – it’s only natural. When stuck in a situation like this, communicate your dilemma and need CLEARLY. Also, try to work around their schedule. And in the end, if they still cannot help you through, try to not hold it against them. Trust me, it’s useless.

Who ever stands by you and sacrifices some to accommodate you is a keeper. The rest and the ones who fail, your world will be the same without them.

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