My Birthday 24.0!

It’s funny how I am super excited EVERY year on my birthday. I mean, turning 24 should be no big deal; and if I be the lady-like girl I should be, I would actually just blink through the day and pretend it never happened (not my birth silly, turning 24 years old).
I will attempt lady-like behavior next year. Right now, let me all about May 5th 2012 – My 24th birthday.
Like most of the birthday girls, I got calls, text messages and Facebook messages from friends and family when the clock struck 12. My sisters got me a beautiful silver pendant, hand-made bangles and black skinny jeans as my birthday gift. Last thing that I remember before I dozed off was a telephonic conversation with my beau…
I had a haircut appointment at 9:30 AM at Aphey. I scheduled it intentionally at such an early hour for I wanted a blow dry that would last the day. Munching on watermelon, I took my clothes, shoes, jewelry and bag, and ran to her place. She gave me an angry-look for I was 20 minutes late, and sat me down for hair wash and conditioning. I told her I wanted a fresh look. And bangs if possible. She got to work.
After hair cut, she blow dried them to style in a chic, sexy way. 
I looked in the mirror when she was done, and I liked what I was looking at. Not the best cut I have had so far, but decent enough. The bangs were, after all, not a great idea. Short on time, I ran to change in to my birthday dress (the one I got for my birthday, not the one I was born in – you are a serious pervert dude!). It was a red sleeveless top, with dirty-gold and white stone-work across neckline. I paired it up with mud brown bolero and black skinny jeans. I adorned my feet with my old and beaten black pumps. It was 11 in the morning, so I held back my makeup brushes, liners and lip color.
Dabbing L’Oreal’s face powder and lining my eyes with kohl, I collected my things and got in to Aphey’s car. She was going to drop me to work for 1) I did not have my car and 2) she works at Mona J, which is a couple of lanes away from my work place. En route, we got grape fruit juice (a part of my recently adopted healthy lifestyle). I thanked her profusely, and came to work.
Cheers, wishes and compliments embraced me warmly when I arrived. It felt great. Smiling ear-to-ear, I went to my seat and started working. Wishes kept on coming in as my colleagues came to work. Soon it was lunch time, so I descended down to the basement with my friends. More wishes and compliments came my way, before I was served minced meat, steamed rice and raita. For all the glam quotient I was carrying, it was a rather simple meal. The original plan was that I go meet a bunch of ladies at Butlers but with work and all, I had to skip that plan and settle for a simple meal at work. Not that I am complaining – I totally had fun with it.
Work, like any other day, kept me busy and on my toes. In a blink, it was 6 in the evening and time for us to go for my surprise birthday party.
Ops! I wasn’t supposed to know! *Sshhh*
To be continued… stay tuned for “My Birthday 24.0 – Episode 2”

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