For lunch, I ended up at Xanders with my sisters. While the over-smiling waiter made us wait in the open-air lounge, I ended up peeking inside Ensemble. And boy did they land on something gorgeous or what! Blinking my way was a gorgeous Saree, by Ritu Kumar. By the distant-looks of it, it appeared to have subtle base of off-white/cement-yellow. Borders, on the other hand, were generously embroidered with bright colors and silver bling. Despite using the cliche paisley pattern on broad piece of velvet, it managed to still looked absolutely divine. I wish I had taken a picture to share with you all. But maybe you will get to see it, when I wear it on my wedding *fingers crossed* 😀

On a serious note, you MUST go check it out. I can bet you will fall in love instantaneously!