Organizations in the 21st century are driven by young blood and relentless pace. It means revenue figures are pumped up significantly by individuals burning the midnight oil. This input is more than adequately rewarded by cash and non-cash benefits, and that is how the story ends on a happy and rich note.

Oh, but wait! We forgot to mention the climax! While blood and sweat flows out and cash flows in, something goes missing. Life, or rather the privilege of ‘living the life’.

Without even realizing it, we have restricted our real worlds pitifully. Work, home, work. That kind of sums it up. To make matters worse, our virtual worlds are getting stronger and stronger, burning whatever is left of the real world. Friends and family are ‘connected’ through Facebook, twitter, my space, google + and now pinterest. It’s sad how gardens and play areas are replaced by FarmVille and shopping with girlfriends by It Girl.

All of this combined has shrunk our world and available exposure in an oxymoronic way. While the world is a mere click away, people are frustratingly out of reach. It feels like people, experiences and development opportunities are slipping away to be replaced by Apps and professional slavery.

I, at least, am looking for an escape before suffocation and confinement kills me. But I wonder…will I have anyone to share this freedom with?