Huma Sattar, in her blog post ‘Here’s how to get over …L.o.v.e‘ mentioned something precious:
Stay away from tragic love songs; they are bound to kick where it hurts the most and make you weep your eyes out. On top of it, they will anchor and do everything possible to not let you move on. 
I cannot agree more! Every time I fight with a beloved and feel like my world has crashed down on my head, I tend to crawl towards such blasted songs to keep myself ‘distracted’. Obviously, they do anything but distract. They work to increase my misery exponentially.
So, to help you all from doing the same stupid thing, I have listed down a number of Indian (Bollywood) tracks that you must, MUST AT ALL COST, stay away from if you feel like drowning in the sea of misery already.










That’s about it…from Bollywood. Next post, we list down the heart-breaking tunes from the west!

Stay Tuned!

2 thoughts on “GET BURIED ALIVE!

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Sad love songs exacerbate a persons condition mentally. It is one go the greatest enemy of a free and optimistic mind. Finding solace in pain can have dire long term consequences.
    Are you there by anathema would be for me number 1 sad hollywood song. It once took me to the abyss of gloom and melancholy.

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