‘You Won’t Fall in Love because You are Scared of being Alone’

Sounds like an oxymoron right? Well, it could be true from a different angle. This is how Chris Manby explains it in her book ‘The Matchbreaker’:

‘I am surprised you haven’t been snapped yet’ says Poupeh.

‘I am surprised too,’ Lindsay said flatly.

‘I think it’s because you are afraid if being alone,’ Poupeh announced.

‘That doesn’t make any sense!’ Lindsay snorted. ‘If I was afraid of being alone, I’d never be out of a relationship.I can manage perfectly well without anyone.’

‘Sure. Most people can. Manage, that is. It’s the ultimate low-risk strategy.’

‘What do you mean by that?’

‘Falling in love with someone gives them the power to hurt you. When I say that you are afraid of being alone, I suppose that more specifically, I think you are afraid of being left alone. You haven’t opened your heart up to anyone because you are frightened of the hole they would leave if they went away again.’

To me, this makes absolute sense. And you?

2 thoughts on “‘You Won’t Fall in Love because You are Scared of being Alone’

  1. what you said is true but if one falls in love with the concept of love than that person will never be alone. The concept never breaks anyone’s heart, its the people who misuse it are the one’s who do. One should never blame love.

    1. I guess this is exactly what the author had tried to imply as well. People hurt each other, because love empowers them too. Love, however wrongly, is usually blamed because it is the reason another person is able to have such power on you as to devastate your life.

      Thanks for reading and taking out time to comment Farhan 🙂

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