The average pair of women’s trousers is four inches bigger than it was 40 years ago, according to a new study.

A size 10 waist has grown from 24 inches back in 1975 to 28 inches now.

And bigger bellies aren’t to blame – it’s all in the hips. Researchers found the average hip size has grown by three inches over the same period.

A size 10 waist has grown from 24 to 28 inches since 1975. The findings mean women who are a size 10 now would have had to buy size 14 trousers in 1975. And those who were size 14 then would be an unflattering size 18 now.

According to fashion experts, clothes makers have stretched sizes out over the past four decades, to hide the fact women are slowly getting bigger and bigger.

Gemma Seager, from fashion blog Retro Chick described the trend as ‘vanity sizing’.

She told the Daily Express: ‘There’s definitely an element of trying to flatter women who are going to be delighted if they fit into a smaller dress.

Source: Mail Online