Summer is in full swing (and some of the lucky ones are still enjoying the freshness of spring in some parts of the world). Layers of clothing has been stuffed inside closets, and summer dresses and flip flops are all the rage amongst fairer sex.
With flip-flop-fashion comes the concern of feet beautification – how do I keep my feet beautiful? What nail color goes with my shoe? What kind of shoes are fashionable and which ones should go to the charity?
To help you through the crazy maze of it all, we have created a visual guide that suggests must-have shoes for summer along with the nail color that adds to its glamor-quotient. Lets take a look:
Lemon Yellow looks Fab with Hot pink Nail Color
Turquoise with lipstick red is super-sexy and tropical.
Hothouse flowers + hot orange = perfection!
Icy Blue and Glimmering Silver are known to be a Stunning Duo!
Rock the Beach Trip with statement Yellow cuticles and Leafy Green sandals
Double the pastels-double the glamour!