A casual GT was my reason for landing at Olivetto. Located at a quiet street in Clifton, the grey exterior of the place doesn’t seem remarkable; it gels in the surrounding sans difficulty. The grey-ness of the exterior walks with you inside, and combines with woody brown-ness and shiny mahogany to uplift the interiors.

Rather cleverly, the insides have been segmented to suit varying customers. Elder, sophisticated crowd is directed towards the dining area with straight chairs and shiny furniture, accentuated by sunlight through the glass windows; along side is a closed-area, known as the lounge, which houses comfortable couches, a bar and books. It could appear dark if you are visiting in the day time but soon you will get accustomed to the darkness, if not enjoy it.

We chose the lounge, so were seated comfortably by superbly-mannered usher. To accommodate our rather large group, they quickly shifted the chairs, tables and couches around to suit our number. Once seated, we were offered about 4 menus!

Yes, you heard it right-4 menus! The first one was an extensive menu, listing all the ala carte servings Olivetto has to offer. Second was specifically for lounge, listing burgers and sandwiches, along with salads. Third one listed beverages of all kinds, from cappuccino, latte to cocktails and cold drinks. The last one was specifically dedicated to lavish breakfast items, dominated by eggs and sausages (or so I assumed).

To manage the tab for our group, the clever server took our names and orders at the same time. This meant that if anyone had to leave, they could settle the tab individually sans the hassle. Such service if rarely offered and was much appreciated.

Now let me tell you all about the food. Oh my…it was amazing. Not often do we get to taste such authentic ingredients and velvety richness of flavors. Clearly they had used imported ingredients to maintain their food quality and taste-another distinction. Serving time could be a little bothersome if you are the finicky kind; however, if you have great company like I did, waiting period went by in a breeze. Soon we were served freshly made, gorgeously aromatic food, tantalizing our food buds even before it met them. Had I known I will be writing about it later, I would have made sure that I get the proper names of all the things we ordered, so that I don’t forget any. Unfortunately, I didn’t and therefore you must bear with my descriptions only. Maybe Afroza Appa (the owner) could give us the names once the post goes online. Ssshhhh, she doesn’t know I am writing this.

Being a cautious goof, I ordered smoked chicken burger, with fries and coleslaw. Despite being a ‘mere’ burger, it offered so much more; the big deal about it was that despite being a mere burger, it tasted so different, rich and distinctive. It did not have cheese or mayonnaise dripping out, or lettuce and tomato overdose. It focused primarily on the chicken patty, and ensured that I don’t forget the taste any time soon. I could taste the subtle herbs used, and enjoyed every bite to bits.

My companions, however, were much wiser in their choices. Many of them opted for salads to begin with. Fresh greens with olives and eggs, along with other veggies and sauces, looked healthy and heartening. Oh, and we were served complementary bread sticks, bread rolls and butter as a welcome gesture. Anyway, coming back to the food – Let’s see what I remember:

Chicken wings with Bar-B-Que sauce, which looked succulent and crisp at the same time. Perfect is how I saw it.

Chicken with Feta Cheese, was too oh-la-la for my taste but the lady having it claimed it was the closest to the authentic feta cheese she has had in the city. It had all the people who tasted it oh-ing and ah-ing, which I assume says it all.

This other lady had a big block of fish, which had me stunned. Being an anti-seafood person myself (mostly I would say), I could not imagine being stuck with that thing on my plate. But boy, she was ecstatic when she bit in to her first bite. Being a sweetum, she was all praises as expected but I had her expression on record to know they were all honest to the core.

Woman on my right was having something that had fried chicken in big squares, topped with yum-looking sauce.  Friend on my left opted for something much lighter, and order salmon and caviar with olives on a toast, and was absolutely delighted with her food.

Another friend had order from breakfast menu, and was served eggs, sausages and something else too (pardon me). Her stomach was done much earlier than her taste buds, thus she ended up over eating. Someone sampled their shikanjabeen and was satisfied. 

Lastly, and the most peculiar, was something called tea and prawns. It was served in a cocktail glass, with prawns and sauce. I couldn’t dare trying it but the brave one who ordered raved about it.

On the whole, it was an amazing experience, and I would personally like to thank Afroza Aapa for having us over. We shall be seeing you soon enough I believe. For all those who have yet to try, I say it’s must and you should. Soon.

All cheers to Good Food!