Being a big-footed girl in a world where most people assume the average woman’s shoe size is still a 7 ½, when it’s actually a 9, isn’t easy. Anything above that new average size is a struggle: some places carry 10s, most don’t carry 11s, and heaven forefend if you’re a 12 or 13! And when your local shoe store does carry the occasional 11 or 12, they’re likely to hew toward the dowdy, frumpy, or hippie-esque. What’s the stylish, big-footed girl to do?

Many stores might accommodate customers and make a shoe for you if you place an order, but would not stock them at their stores.

I’ve been told by sales associates, “the boxes are too big” and “won’t fit on the shelves.” (Why they don’t just store them with the men’s shoes I’ll never know.)

But don’t despair just yet: You do have options. Many outlet style stores do carry shoes for us.

And a piece of secret advice: If you’ve got big feet, don’t be afraid to shop in the men’s section. Fashion rules are made to be broken! Enjoy breaking them!

Following is a collection of footwear that does wonders for big feet…check them out:




Now you know what to look for when you go shoe-shopping next time!!

Happy Shopping, Fashionistas!