This summer could be dangerous, owing to women’s inclination towards wearing platform heels on the beach and officially making it the season’s most perilous hazard. It’s a new trend — apparently women are wearing stilettos to walk along the shore. Forget your comfy flip-flops or your, sigh, Crocs, this summer it’s all about over the top footwear on the beach. And by “all about” I mean it’s for people who really like getting attention wearing six-inch hooker heels while picking up seashells.


Besides the fact that it’s just weird and somewhat desperate, rocking heels at the beach is risky. Think about all the sprained ankles! Think about all the ruined shoes! Think about how slowly you’ll have to walk to get from the boardwalk to the ocean! People in walkers will pass you! And that’s embarrassing!


The collage of pictures above shows us just how ridiculous sky-high heels at the beach can look. I just feel like at any moment she’s going to fall over — sand will stick to every crevice of her skin and her ankle will be swollen the size of a beach volleyball.


If you’re so inclined to wear heels at the beach, there are flip-flops that have a little lift to them. I maintain that any heel on sand near water is a troublesome situation, but I know some women out there who can’t leave home without three inches between their foot and the ground.


So ladies. If you’re heading to the beach anytime soon, I implore you to put safety ahead of style. You may think those heels look good, but they don’t, trust me.

Source: Yahoo! Shine