Staying awake is easy … five shots of espresso and a can of Red Bull is all you need. You’ll certainly be wide awake and wired, but you may also die from a heart attack a few hours later. In all seriousness, conquering drowsiness before it overwhelms your mind can be quite a challenge without the help of stimulants.
So the big question is: What are some healthy ways to stay awake when you must? Let’s take a look at seventeen possibilities.
1. Crank Up the AC
Warm, stuffy environments accelerate mental fatigue. If you need to stay awake in a lecture hall or meeting room find an open seat under an AC vent.
2. Cold Water
Splash some on your face and the pulse area of your wrists. Drinking an ice-cold glass of water can also help to wake you up, and if you drink enough of it you’ll be up on your feet using the restroom every thirty minutes as well.
3. Fasting at Mealtime
The human body expends a great deal of energy during the digestion process. This can create a great deal of fatigue when you are trying to stay awake. Fasting is a great way to avoid this natural fatigue. As long as you are drinking enough water, fasting for a meal or two is also a healthy way to detoxify your cells and rejuvenate organs.
4. Light Exercise Breaks
Take a break and take a walk or do a couple jumping jacks to get your blood moving. Even the slightest bit of exercise can act as a healthy way to energize your mind and body.
5. Chew Sugar-Free Peppermint Gum
It won’t rot your teeth and it will generate just enough physical activity to keep you awake. Strong peppermint flavors seem to work best for me; there’s just something about that refreshing minty taste.

6. Write
The idea is to keep your mind busy. If you are attending a lecture or business meeting, write down everything that is said. If you are simply trying to stay awake, create a detailed to-do list for the week or plan out your perfect weekend getaway.
7. A Good Laugh
Watch a funny video clip or read your favorite comic strip. A good chuckle will stimulate your mind and help you to stay awake a little while longer.
8. Inspirational and Motivational Material
Sometimes all you need is a little pep talk. Watch a video clip that inspires you.
9. Music
If it’s not too much of a distraction, listening to fast beat music can be a great way to keep your mind awake.
10. Tickle the Top of Your Mouth Cavity
Obviously, you’ll want to do this with your tongue. Rub your tongue against the top front area of your mouth cavity. It feels a little weird, but it does give you a quick, irritating nerve jolt that can actually help to keep you awake.
11. Turn On All the Lights
Darkness promotes sleepiness. Turn on every light in the room.
12. Hangout with a Friend
It’s so much easier to stay awake when you have someone else to interact with.
13. Play Video Games
First-person shooters, fast paced driving games, or online RPGs like the great World of Warcraft are sure to keep you wide awake.
14. Go Outdoors
Getting some fresh air outdoors is always a good way to rouse your senses.
15. Pull Down on Your Earlobes
This may sound strange, but pulling down on your earlobes can help you stay awake and alert when you’re feeling drowsy. Just try it.
16. Nutritious Low Carb Snacks
Low carb fruits such as raspberries, apples, oranges, and grapefruits are great energy boosters. Heaping scoops of spicy salsa on a few small crackers is another goodie. Stay away from meats, breads and dairy products.
17. Get Enough Sleep When You Can
This one should be obvious. The best way to stay awake is to be well rested. If you get enough sleep on a regular basis it will be much easier for you to stay awake or pull an all-nighter when you absolutely must. Sleep also gives the body time to mend and remove toxins from within. Toxins damage enzymes and thus undermine countless bodily functions. This can lead to your body feeling tired and fatigued. There are many ways to remove toxins from your body, including diet changes, detox juice drinks and detox foot baths. They are definitely worth giving a try if you are struggling to stay awake when it matters most
Source: Yahoo! Shine