My favorites from Divas don’t Knit by Gil McNeil:
1. “they don’t tend to call if they know they are going to get an earful”
“funnily enough that’s exactly what he says. But a girl likes to have a bit of a rant when she’s been waiting three f****** weeks for a croissant”
2. “I have told you, tell her to cheer up or chuff off. I don’t know what’s happened to my bossy big sister.”
“she had kids, that’s what happened. You can’t be bossy with babies, unless you are a complete cow, so you get used to compromising and cajoling and eating the leftover bits at super, which isn’t exactly ideal training for being ruthless. It would be a perfect way to reprogramme people, anyone a bit too find of bossing and shouting. Make them look after a two year old for a week, with no buying in staff and no licking anybody in cupboards. Head of multinationals, chief executives former presidents, it’d be great television. ‘ Ellen, I am an important person. Get this toddler off me!'”

(I am still at it — might add more by the time I am done reading the whole thing)

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