Ek Main aur Ek Tu — Review

When Kareena and Imran Khan come on screen together, I expect some serious comedy with heart-warming romance. However, Ek Main aur Ek Tu failed miserably on both accounts.

The movie starts off with light moments, which if you are really really generous, can be considered funny. Imran has lost his job and Kareena just broke up (and has no job). They bump in to each other at a psychologist’s clinic, where Kareena mistakes Imran for his ex-boyfriend’s friend, sent out to spy on her. She creates a useless fuss, realizes her mistake and tries to make up. To apologize and return his medical file (which he forgets with her by mistake), they meet on Christmas Eve. Having nothing better to do, they end up clubbing, getting drunk beyond repair and then get married in Vegas in the middle of a night! 

Waking up together, they realize it was one big mistake and agree on getting their marriage annulled. During this time, Kareena is penniless and Imran is a super-tight-ass. He invites her to live with her for couple of days before its time for her to leave for India. She moves in. Her happy-go-lucky-self and general optimism gets Imran to fall in love with her (my my, isn’t that oh-so-not-predictable?). 

Days go on and he tags along with her to India. He lives with her family, who are extreme opposites of his own uptight, self-righteous folks. Drama dominates the screen from this point onwards — he confronts his family and gives them a rather distasteful piece of his mind, proposes Kareena and is rejected! Obviously, she loves him but only as a friend. Yada yada yada…Bla bla bla…blegh blegh blegh.

The only unpredictable bit of the whole movie was the fact that Kareena is not as madly in love with Imran as he is, and refuses to budge to take the plunge either.

Music, overall, is mediocre and no track leaves a mark.

Kareena and Imran act out their bits nicely but cannot kick life into monotonous script and storyboard.

Rating: 2/5

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