Okay, so let’s face it — I am not very used to touch phone, or apple’s products. I believe in simplicity and swore by Nokia till my sister got married and her iPhone was handed down to me.

I have yet to explore it’s optimum potential due to lack of time (fine, I will say it – interest as well). So every time I am stuck with a problem, I do what I do best: I google it!

Today I wanted to know how can I increase the font size. I wad making flash cards to help me revise course’s content before my exam using Notes. However, the size of the current font promised a headache and useless strain on eyes. So, I decided to increase the font.

I am sharing the method for all those who want to do the same and amm, don’t have much time to explore their phones or google it.

Navigate to your Settings menu and open it. Scroll down until you see the options to tinker with your General settings. Tap that bad boy open.

To change the size of the fonts used on your iPhone, you’ll need to open up the device’s Accessibility options.

With your iPhone’s Accessibility options pane now open, select Large Text.

Your iPhone supports fonts up to 56 points in size. Choose the size that is most comfortable for you.

Suddenly, your letters are HUGE! Your new, larger font should now be active in your Note, calendar, mail, and text messages apps, as well as in third-party applications that support iOS’s accessibility functionality.

Pretty simple, right?