30 Fluffy Words Marketers Use Way Too Much

Here Are 30 Fluffy Words Marketers Use Way Too Much, as concluded by Hubspot:

1. Strategize: To create a plan-of-action to achieve a certain goal
2. Personalization: Alteration of a piece of content to fit a specific individual
3. Conversation: An exchange of words or ideas between two or more individuals
4. Impression: A single view of a piece of content on the internet; a set of eyeballs that saw something
5. Share-of-Voice: The percentage of people that a company owns for a specific topic or niche
6. Brand Equity: The value of a brand based on the public’s perception of it
7. Perception: A person’s personal opinion of something based on their own context
8. Positioning: The angle used for a specific piece of content
9. Engagement: Activity between a group of people around a company, concept, or each other
10. Listening: The act of consuming content or messages from others
11. Utilize: To use something….somehow
12. Effectiveness: A quality describing whether something or someone was able to complete a certain task or goal…or not
13. Efficiency: A quality describing whether something or someone was able to complete a certain task or goal based on the amount of effort the person planned to use
14. Organic: The quality of something achieved without financial support or paid online efforts (meaning you got it without spending any cash money)
15. ROI: Also known as “return on investment”—another buzzword! How much you got for how much effort or money you put in
16. Campaign: A bundle of actions that work together to achieve a certain goal
17. Synergy: The combination of two actions or ideas in one effort (more scientifically known as the red + blue = purple effect)
18. Evaluate: To reflect on a certain action, hopefully using numbers, to decide if the action was effective (hehe) or not
19. Awareness: A “measurement” of the public’s knowledge of something—like a company, campaign, or person
20. Branding: The act of associating a certain feeling, image, or idea with a company. What do you think of when you think of HubSpot? 1, 2, 3…GO!
21. Buzz: The amount of chatter around a certain idea, company, etc. This can be in the form of social content or even in normal, everyday conversation.
22. Viral: The quality of content items that are naturally shared from person to person in rapid succession (’cause they just can’t help themselves!)
23. Empower: To inspire a person or group of people to do something on their own
24. Optimize: To improve an object’s ability to complete something, so that object can complete that action either harder, better, faster, or stronger
25. Streamline: To improve a series of processes so it takes less time or effort to complete the desired task
26. Messaging: The central concept or idea that a marketer wants a person to understand when consuming a piece of content
27. Alignment: The shared goals and coordinated efforts of two parties to make something happen (think SMarketing)
28. Transparent: Open about one’s intentions and inner-workings, as well as open to feedback and able to admit mistakes
29. Authentic: True to one’s nature instead of putting on a front or putting up a facade
30. Influencer: A person who is capable of convincing a group of people to think a particular way or perform particular actions.

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