I shared the article ‘Keep the flame of Intimacy aflame‘ in a secret group and a dear friend (Havovie Bomanji) there shared a few of her delectable ideas. Thanks a major sweety, you are the bestest!
We’ll say it: After you’ve been with your better half for a fair amount of time, the glow wears off just a bit. You no longer feel like jumping him wherever there’s a flat surface and your sex life isn’t always super-steamy.
If you’re not careful, the word “monogamy” will eventually become synonymous with “ho-hum.” But, that doesn’t have to happen! There are totally ways to keep the fire o’ love burning for a very long while. Here, we let you in on some of our favorites.

1) Tease him by texting every hour of so while he’s at work letting him know what’s in store for him later and then stick to it…

2) Do a private dance for him and pretend to be a woman he has called in specially to dance for him…Keep it going as long as you can

3) Arrange a date but when u meet, pretend you don’t know each other and flirt, tease and seduce. Even when home, pretend you don’t know each other, keep it going as long a poss !

4) Get into each others fantasy heads and I mean really delve into the Pandora’s box that exists. Let him know, nothing will shock you and you are game for anything (as long as you are)

5) Totally agree on the kissing part in the blog….Nothing is as good as a pure and simple kissing session, men and women have cum just through this alone if the connection is right… šŸ™‚

6) Affection, affection, affection….Hand on laps while driving, little hugs here and there. A look that tells him just how much he loves you and never refuse or laugh at his gestures, or you will find they will stop and rather quickly…

7) Send him a ‘dirty’ email once in a while, write a hand written love letter telling him why you still love him and are thankful for all you share together.

8) Don’t perpetually nag him, ask for things and make demands on his time he may not have….Back off from that behavior and see the difference in his behavior towards you.

9) Send the kids away to nani/ dadi’s or somewhere for a night or so and make time to recapture COUPLE TIME…It takes effort, but is well worth the time taken to do so…You can’t grumble if a marriage lacks sex and affection, if one doesn’t make time for it…

10) SURPRISE him with something that only you know would drive him nuts…..Relax, don’t take it all too seriously and BE OPEN, HONEST and LOVING, in your actions and your words…. xx