Distasteful Maya and Her Gang of Bimbits

Pakistani media needs a leash around it’s neck for the water has gone much above our heads and we need to rescue ethical broadcasting before it gets drowned in this shameful sea of distasteful antics.

I saw the video on YouTube and was appalled. A bunch of made up aunties flock a public park, HUNTING down couples who were on a date in the broad daylight and harass them with embarrassing questions, live camera and absolutely no right to do so!

This act is wrong on so many levels:

– Who are you?
Who is Maya Khan…a struggling morning show host who is ready to go down to shameful levels to get her show’s ratings hit the roof

– How can a channel put up with this kind of crap?
Well, maybe because they fail to talk sense, or understand what this nation needs. Desperate is the word

– Why a public park?
Because cafes and restaurants cater to higher middle and upper class, the strata you aspire to be included in but won’t be for you lack not finances but class and required code of conduct

– Was this the only way to highlight an issue?
Duh, no! The religion they apparently speak for clearly says ‘do good in a way that your left hand must not know that the right one helped someone’. If they wanted to cater to the increasing number of young adults getting into romantic relationships before marriage, there are a million and one ways to do it; do it in a much effective, classier way. Breaching rules and right to privacy only highlights your desperation for attention and nothing else

– Who were the bimbits flocking with Maya?
I happen to know one of them personally from school. She was known for her sheer clothes, tons of badly-applied makeup and disgusting need for a male’s attention. That is some profile of a self-acclaimed moral police

– most importantly, what was the purpose of this disgusting activity?
* enforce Islamic code if conduct-the way these ladies were dressed and running around with their jiggling bodies for camera men to feast on, I really don’t think so
* increase awareness- this certainly is no way.
* increase show’s rating and viewership on their YouTube’s channel-hell yes!
* Maya isn’t getting any relief lately and needed a way to vent out her frustration-very very possible!

What can people who are disgusted, like myself, do?
1. Bless PEMRA for online complaints facility. Post a complaint on PEMRA’s website against the show and the host.
2. Sigh the petition drafted against the show and host
3. Email head of the channel
4. Not tune in to Samaa TV ever again, unless that berserk woman apologizes.

We need a nation that respects others and their rights; a system based on humanity instead of democracy.

Please speak up..you must!

4 thoughts on “Distasteful Maya and Her Gang of Bimbits

  1. AS Salam O Alaikum Brother JazakAllah for sharing this. Hazrat Ali R.A Said if u advice someone in lonliness U’ve made Him but if u advice him in front of alot U ruined him more.
    This show must be banned & every other 3rd class shows lyk dat we admit dating is haram in Islam but this is not the way you show the faces of boys n girls n wht u think u save them the answer is NO…Actually these BAS—- Ruined the respect of their parents in front of every one just to raise ratings of their shows…
    what dey do whole day telecast programmes that r full of shit that makes youngers so desperate they feed fahashi in our youth & after that they becum masieha wow hats of…
    they r noe less den our politicians …our politicians ruined our country in front ov all nd they ruined slowly n gradually by using hidden messages n means…
    If they wanna stop dating then they have to work for the cause of implimenting sharian in sharai way n I sware they wont do thay becouse dey also knw after dat v fail to promote fahashi & our ayashi dies shame on themmmm huh

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