When it is ‘Just Wright’

When you are confined to bed, there is little that you can do. 
Try doing what I do: watch HAPPY movies. The keyword here is HAPPY. You will already be suffering, and watching action or frowns won’t help. So, opt for happy movies.
I opted for Just Wright, featuring Queen Latifah and this black-American actor. And boy, was it a movie or what.
The story is rather simple and very Indian-soap-inspired. Queen Latifah is a physical trainer at a rehab along with being a major basketball fan. She has a childhood friend, Morgan (don’t know her real name), who happens to be one useless creature, aspiring to be a NBA basketball player’s wife so that she can live off his riches and fame.
Accidentally, Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah)bumps in to a hot-shot basketball player, Scott McKnight, at a gas station. Being a basketball fan, she gets his attention instantly, followed by an invite for his birthday party for the coming weekend. Coincidentally, Morgan is digging for this particular invite and when she finds out that Leslie has it, she tags along. Being shrewd and ambitious, she has her strategy to get Scott’s attention handy. When Leslie and Scoot finally get to talk to each other, Morgan crashes the party, pretending to be a girl-next-door. She pretends that she needs to be at some charity-place, where she is volunteering. Arrested by Moran’s beauty and simplicity, Scott immediately falls for her. 
She, however, knows her thing and plays hard to get.
Like every man, Scott also falls in Morgan’s trap. She is all set to be a big-shot’s wife when Scotts hurts his knee in a game. He is off his foot, unable to go-out and socialize. Morgan tries to cope up with the loss through retail therapy. Also, a renowned physical trainer for athletes comes over to help Scott with his recovery. Being a gorgeous blond, she poses a threat to Morgan and is subsequently fired. Leslie is offered the position and she hops in with a second thought.
Ultimately, Morgan has had enough of being an ex-star’s fiancé and walks out on Scott. He is devastated. His mom and Leslie try hard to bring him out of his depression but he continues to sulk away. Finally, Leslie takes charge and forces her way inside his shell and drags him out. During the voyage, they come close to each other.  They laugh together, share secrets and soon find themselves in love with each other. She infuses him with hope and self-confidence and soon he is back in field, and back to being a super star.
This stardom pulls back Morgan. Concocting another story, she gets him back. Leslie, who had just found the man she was looking for, is shattered. She cannot handle the heartbreak and betrayal, so walks away from them and the town.
Scott’s recovery brings Leslie in the limelight and she is offered the position of a trainer for leading basketball teams. She is heartbroken, yet tries to look forward. Soon, Scott realizes Morgan lacks all that she wants in a woman and Leslie has it all. He walks out on Morgan; Morgan understand; and Leslie accepts his apology and welcomes him back in her world.
Such a happy movie…such a happy ending *sigh*

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