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Online advertisement can be difficult, and this article is designed to help you out. In this particular post by HubSpot they talk about increasing Facebook advertisement’s conversion, however these basics can be applied to a number of online advertisement modes, where you can sell and buy a varation of different items. Furthermore, online advertisement isn’t just limited to Facebook, and there are many avenues you can go down if using Facebook isn’t your ideal platform.Despite this, Facebook should be an easy platform to use for your online advertisement.
It’s tough to nail down a successful Facebook advertising strategy unless you do some testing. However, testing Facebook ads, with all their nuances and constant updates, might seem scary. In this post, we’ll walk you through the basics and functions of Facebook ad split-testing.
Understanding Facebook Ad Campaigns
In the Facebook Ads Manager, you arrange your ads into campaigns. A campaign is a group of similar ads that have the same purpose but slightly different variations. The chart below is just an example of how you can arrange your campaigns. The ads belonging to each campaign will be split-testing different variables. For instance, you can test different versions of an image or a title to find out the most effective one to use in your ad.

6 Split-Testing Tips for Facebook Ads
1. Change One Variable at a Time
Your main variables are the title, the picture, the copy, and the targeting.
2. Keep Similar Ad Conditions
Same time of the day, same bid (although bid prices vary), same length of time, etc.
3. Watch the Reports
It may look like one ad did better than the other, but check the actual ‘Likes’ (fans) generated.
4. Always Create a New Ad
Don’t try to tweak one that didn’t perform well. Facebook makes it easy to click on “Create a Similar Ad” so you preserve your settings.
5. Try Split-Testing Your Destination Landing Page
Where do people land after they’ve clicked on your ad? Make sure the page is congruent with your message. If it’s your website, do you have the promised offer on the page? If you have the resources, you can also design two landing pages on your website where you send the traffic. In that way you, can optimize for a higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate.
6. Rotate Your Ads Often
Even a well-performing ad will wear out its welcome. The ads are often served to the same audience several times, and if you aren’t rotating them every few days or when the CTR drops to 50% of its original value, you will be wasting your money.
Here Is a Real-Life Example
In the example above, we split-tested the picture in two ads. The first Namaspray ad received more clicks, achieved a higher CTR, and boasted a better CPC compared to the second ad. But the second ad resulted in more ‘Likes’ (fans) and did a better job of converting (combined over September and October). This example reinforces the point that you should make sure to collect enough data in order to make a valid conclusion.
Some easy mistakes to make when split-testing Facebook ads is not testing the ad for a sufficient amount of time or letting it run too long and wasting your ad budget. A good comparison usually requires at least 20 clicks and requires that the ad run for at least two days. But clicks may not always be the best measure, depending on your targeting. You may want to run them for the same amount of impressions.

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