Following is a part of email-conversation that I was having with my bestie. Thought I’d share it with you all too: 
“And you know what…Before going off for vacations, we had assigned three people as brand managers.
The old structure of my team was as follows:

This structure has one major flaw: bottle neck. Everything, however crude, has to go throw me. I was over-worked and nothing was being delivered on time, despite us working so hard. So we decided to update the structure, allow more autonomy and create brand managers. So the new structure is like this:

It was a good move; the only problem now is that I AM FARIG!! Since morn, I have done nothing. This is primarily because my boss isn’t in yet so I haven’t had a chance to meet him and plan things out. But it’s so silly. I am so free. In all of my two and a half years at this place, I have never been free! And today, I am free.
Not that I am complaining.Just that it feels weird”