We have heard many a people share their lessons that they learnt when they were on their death bed. They should have lived more, been more generous or courageous, so on and so forth.
I am just sick. Make that very sick. Not dieing though. Yet,I have realized something today. Something all of us know already but are tooBUSY to acknowledge or remember. I have learnt that:

You come first.

Yes, you. For your own self, you should come first.
Even when there is no dearth of people who love you, appreciate and respect you, there is only one person who will always be therefor you and who you can count on: You.
From here on, I will talk about myself only. Therefore, this post now becomes truly subjective.
Being a workaholic, I spend 80% of my time at work. But whenI am sick and vulnerable, work or people at work cannot be by my side. On the contrary, they might get mad at you for being absent. After all, corporations don’t thrive on compassion or empathy. It is a dog-eat-dog corporate world, and you realize it when you find it’s back facing you. Yes, there will be friends but they won’t leave work to be with you and help you cope with your ailment.
Next come relationships: friends, family, better halves and bitter halves. Well, now what do I say about them; after all, it is a sensitive terrain. Well, they will TRY to be there for you. But some of your family members might be abroad, some might have to be at their respective universities; some could be at work and some at their parents’ house. In a nutshell, you might be at home alone. Alone to take care of yourself.
Friends have their own lives to take care of. It is purely evil to expect them to drop everything and coming running your way because, well, you are sick and can really use some company.
Better half *sigh* I know if it were up to him, he would spend every second by my side. But he needs to be at work and earn, for us.
I am not complaining; really, I am not. What I am trying tosay, however, is that you got to take care of yourself. Prioritize and include yourself in the list. When you have to be at the gym and get your heart pumping for better health, you must go. If you need to give time to friends and family,manage work and take out time for them.
Love yourself, always and foremost. Don’t become a selfish brat. Love others, and yourself s well.