My sister is getting married in a month-and all of us at home are going BONKERS!

Whoever says women like shopping should meet us 5. We are made to go through yards and yards of cloth, laces and accessories everyday, for hours, and we hate it! We torture our feet beyond endurance by walking around crowded malls, looking for this or that, and then come home to realize we still have 90% of the things undone; and what’s worse, this 90% doesn’t go down! Every day, these digits smirk at us, and  we gear up for yet another day of shopping malls, bazaar and tailors with the intention of beating these painful digits down. But, sadly, we fail.

With just a month to prepare, we had to take off in the 5th gear. And the speed is certainly taxing. We have mastered the art of multi-tasking, making lengthy lists and doing bits for each other. But long hours spent outside has us tan already, dirt etched deep into our feet and we don’t know how it feels to be bright and fresh.

A word for you: If you have to prepare for a wedding, please know that arranging for bridal and your own clothes is going to be a PAIN in the ASS!

*Loud honking* Okay, so my sister is getting rather impatient and we need to get going-yes, to yet another tiring shopping trip on a freaking SUNDAY. Well, see you around I guess.

*drags her feet out*

Oh, happy relaxing Sunday to you! Enjoy while you can 😀