You guys won’t believe what my Mom did today! It was outrageous and so unacceptable; and if truth be told, a kick right where it hurts.
This is what happened: I come home after a long hard day at work. I sat to dine with Dad, while she served us. My youngest, blabbermouth of a sister goes like, “You know that brown dress of yours that you discarded? Chotu (Sister elder to me) took it and she looks gorgeous in it!” I was like WHAT?? Which brown dress have I discarded, that Chotu looks good in and I have thrown it away still? After hogging down my dinner at 11:00 PM, yes I eat that late, I go to her room and check out her wardrobe. And there I see a dress that I like and never threw away! When inquired, Chotu said it was in the pile of clothes I discarded. She saw it while mom was going through them before handing it over to our maid. I marched my way to mom, and asked “Why did you throw away my brown dress? I LIKE IT and STILL WEAR IT!”
Very non-nonchalantly she replied, “It doesn’t fit you nicely anymore. You are FAT!”
*100 bullets go through my body, simultaneously*
(P.S I snatched that dress away anyway. I have, yet again, resolved to start my weight loss regime and will be able to fit back into my brown dress nicely by New Year’s Eve. See if I don’t!!!)