19th July 2018

Sooner I make a schedule, sooner I can get behind it!

Day 1: Tuesday, October 11, 2011
All charged up for my weight loss regime, I started my day with 1tbsp lemon in hot water. 10 mins later, I painfully swallowed omelet. I hate eggs, FYI. All forms, sized and types. Trying to save up calories, I skipped tea and planned to have green tea at work.
Day continued, and my stomach started grumbling as soon as the clock striked one. Mentally deciding on the vegetarian bit of the menu, I entered the elevator (yes, I know. It should have been stairs but damn my habit!) and in those nano-seconds, food monster took over. Zombie-me ordered chicken charga with paratha. Chef at my workplace is yet to come across the concept of grilling, so it was fried. Guiltily, I enjoyed chewing the meat and almost-munching on bones. I tried to maintain distance from the oil-dripping paratha, but paired with raita, it was impossible to resist and I ended up having it all.
When you are at a workplace that has 24/7 active kitchen, and you can be served as much and as often food as you like, you are bound to develop some really bad habits. After my meal, I usually crave something sweet. I satisfy myself with seasonal, fresh fruits-most of the times. Today, however, food-monster was in me and I ended up ordering Chocolate Meringue Custard. It was chocolate mousse, with pineapple and whipped cream on top. I discarded the cream and shared the dessert with my food-mates. I still ended up have 3 tbsps of that sinful delicacy.
Coming back to my seat (again via elevator), I ran for a mug of green tea to swallow down guilt eating me away. I was supposed to be on a freaking diet! While sipping green tea, I looked for a gym slot but couldn’t find any available. Oh, we have a gym at our workplace, accompanied with a salon and pool-table. Coming back to the point-gym was closed due to monthly maintenance. Thus, with 5 kgs of WRONG food in me, I sat at my desk and spilled my guts out to Introspective.
Sign out at 4:45:37 PM
Hunger pangs returned at 5:00. Being a good girl, I had a plate full of freshly cut, seasonal fruits. Primarily I had banana, pear and melon. I cannot stomach apples and wasn’t in a mood for papayas, so let them be.
As it happens, my flu is in full rage. I have a stack high pile of snotty tissues. To deal with it, I had a cup of coffee (from the coffee machine) with a tsp of sugar. And guess what? It hasn’t helped one tiny bit.
Sign out at 7:45:44 PM
And the day ended with a plate full of oily, insanely yum biryani *somebody please kill me*
Day Ends
Calorie Count for the Day:
Omelette = 96
Charga = 175
Paratha = 260
Chocolate Meringue Custard = 180 
Fruits: 150
Biryani = 491
Coffee (3) = 270

Total = 1622

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