SO, breaching the “good-girl” code, I finally watched American Pie 1. Sheer boredom pushed me to it. And the idea of it being a totally not-my-kinda-movie drill played a small role too.

Anyway, now that I have confessed, I wanna write a brief post about what it taught me.
  1. Peer pressure at High School can be a killer, and sometimes impossible to combat
  2. But your conscience and connection with yourself can beat all odds
  3. Rumors are rather easy to spread-just talk to a few blond bimbits; amm I mean girls.
  4. Parents, in their own sweet way, are always supportive
  5. Internet is THE devil
  6. Love cannot be forced; and it certainly is not a competition
  7. There will always be an enemy amongst your friends. You have to deal with it; there are no two ways about it
  8. A good girl can make a bad guy do good things
  9. Wooden hut on the lake side under full moon is the perfect and the most romantic hide out ever
  10. People are deceptive; and they might “use” you (it doesn’t matter if you totally dig being used that way!)
  11. Long distance hardly ever works
  12. Dating an older woman is almost every guy’s dream-beats me why though.
So well, that’s about it.
Have a goodnight all of you!
Peace Out!