Like seriously! Life these days is a mirror image of a birdie confined in a cage, with a broken foot. You have a fractured foot, so you cannot walk around AT ALL. You are on a diet so you cannot munch your day away. You are out of downloaded movies and internet is too sucky to download anything. Done with being a bookworm and music freak. WHAT NOW?

Boredom seems to have taken a whole new meaning for me. I can write, but while being bound to bed, I really seem to have nothing to write about. No inspiration. Maybe I should get a boxful of sitcoms on DVDs. That can be a good escape for a day or two, right?

And you know what’s painful-I hear kids laughing and running outside my house, with no worries or restrictions *touch wood*. Boisterous, adorable brats!

And that just made me realize something. We take so many things in life for granted. Walking, talking, being able to cook or shower…it could be as petty as tapping your fingers to as monumental as connecting to another person on an emotional level. Many around us are devoid of such basic abilities; yet, I have never seen people, who are able to thank for it. It makes us a rather ungrateful lot, no?

Okay, lets do some serious blogging about fitness, beauty and llloooovvvvvveeeee! 😀

And if you are thinking about starting your own blog, do listen to what Mango’s IT girl has to say-she reveals some useful secrets about blogging!

*pops in a handful of skittles followed by Hershey’s kisses-Ssshh :)*