Andy Torres, blogger of is Mango’s next IT Girl of the FW2011 season. Here there’s an interview just before the Mango’s fashion show held in Paris on May 17.

In this two minutes interview, Andy talks about her rather famous blog and shares the following important concepts and secrets to success:
  • Don’t blog for the wrong reasons. If you wish to earn your fortune, or that much-wanted fame, bogging is not the way. However, if you have a passion and want to share it with the world, blogging is just for you. Likewise, if you feel like you can, rather eloquently, express your point of views and make some kind of contribution through it, go right ahead. Eventually, you will have what you want.
  • Blogging for the wrong reasons will get you frustrated oafter some time when you won’t get the results you were looking for.
  • It won’t be easy. Blogging needs consistent time and efforts.
  • Some of her secrets to success:
    • Interact: You will have a greater following if you interact with your readers. Comments should be taken seriously. Furthermore, use forums like Facebook Twitter, etc to reach out to people who can be your prospective readers and followers.
    • Readers should be able to relate to your writing: It certainly does not mean that technical or specialized writing should be avoided. What it does mean is that your target audience should be able to relate to it, and must agree/disagree with it. Remember: No reaction is a bad reaction.
Happy Blogging!