No, my foot is not better, and it does hurt still!

Being a stubborn soul, I refused to get off my feet, despite the considerable increase in my left foot’s size. No shoe would fit, but being the workaholic that I am, I really could not help myself. Sometimes I feel like I have forgotten how it feels to have careless fun, or put up my feet and switch off my brain. Am I getting old? *shudders*

Anyway, so here I am, in my bed with a bandaged foot, bowl of crisps, Danielle Steel’s Irresistible Forces and my laptop. I have watched almost four movies already!!!

  1. Charlie and the chocolate factory
  2. 3 idiots
  3. Bandidas
  4. The Rebound

Phew! I really had no choice…and Salma Hayek and Penelope made Bandidas a movie worth watching. I love the scene where Salma Hayek asks Penelope to free her from her gut constricting corset, throws it in the air and get on her (maybe) last mission-I could so relate to it. Ops, enough said already!

What’s on my mind:
Hina Rabani’s visit to Dehli and Ramadan. I shall be writing about those seperately, so see you on the flip side 🙂 Oh, and also Google+. Time I explore that techy demon!

(P.S I had a long relaxing day, and you? Oh crap, you were at work? Sounds truly terrible *evil* :D)