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If you wanna know what it means to have a crappy weekend, ask me! After my super melodramatic and elaborate plans for Saturday were trampled upon by fate (mind you-no humanly intervention, or fault, it was), I had a 4-hour screaming, fighting, cursing and regretting session. It is yet to take any direction and I really don’t wanna spill the beans about that particular matter, so I shall spare you the details. Anyway, so during that horrid episode, while I was crying like a 2 year old, knee scraped girl, I suddenly had the urge to jump out of the bed. As soon as I my feet hit the floor, a suffocating black blanket enveloped me, knocking me off my feet. It last a nano-second, but long enough for me to lose my balance, hit the floor and sprain my ankle. It swelled, right before my eyes, and hurt like a you-know-what.
Anyway, consequently I was tied to the bed, in fact couch to be precise, with a book and limited access to TV (my friend’s grandfather died today, and they live next door). Anyway, because of limited options, I picked up a book I bought about 3 months back from Sunday Bazaar. It isn’t my kind of a book-thus the neglect. I like romance, and it’s crazy-awesome if it’s historical!
But this blog post is not about my preference in novels, but one particular novel that I read today. It was by Lindsey Kelk, called I Heart New York. It is an exclusive glamour edition, and was my companion for the day.

So, the story goes like this:
Angela is a freelance writer, in a relationship for last 10 years with the same guy, and has recently lost 20 pounds for her best friend’s wedding. The story begins with Angie being the bridesmaid for her best friend, an elaborate reception and could-pull-the-floor-from-underneath deception. Being tired of her killing stilettos, she walks to her car (her boyfriend’s jaguar actually) and finds him, half naked, humping a girl (excuse the language). Feeling utterly betrayed by her boyfriend for 10 years, she marches back (after giving them well-deserved disgusted looks) to her best friend, and guess what? Her best friend knew that Mark (the boyfriend) had been cheating for a while! Utterly flabbergasted, she decides to travel far away, get her feet on the ground again and find herself. Oh, and she breaks groom’s hand before she struts out-FYI.
She inquires about the first available flight, and then flies, all the way from Heathrow, London to New York, USA!!! There, she checks in to a hotel, befriends the concierge and begins a journey that will change her, and her life.
The concierge, Jenny, takes one look at the beaten down Angie, and takes her under her wing. She forces her to get a ‘New York Makeover’-cuts her hair, a new sexy wardrobe, etc-and drags her to social gatherings whenever possible. It’s at these parties that she meets Tyler-a sexy investment banker at Wall Street. He is everything a girl could possibly want (he took her to Tiffany’s to buy a present on their second date!!!); he treats her like a princess, thinks of everything beforehand and they share classic bedroom-romance as well. Simultaneously, a friend of Jenny’s helps Angie realize her dream of becoming a writer. She introduces her to the web-editor for the Look magazine, and she is successfully inducted as a regular blogger for them.
While she is sipping Americano at Starbucks, next to her hotel, she comes across Alex. He is from a hipster band! Just that is enough to get many girls drool, and when he is super cute, you are not exclusive, and he asks for your number, there is only so much a girl can do! So from there starts another like-story.
Angie ends up dating both the guys. She hasn’t committed to either of them, and it is only for fun-or so she says to fool herself. As days pass by, she is unable to decide which one of them is better for her: Tyler, a stable classic romance option, or Alex, who sets her blood pumping and is absolutely eclectic. And as for her blog, it’s getting famous! 
I have only read so far; Angie’s blog reminded me of mine, and thus I am here. It took a major setback for Angie to really go out, see the world, explore herself and experience all that she had shied away from for 27 years of her life. So, it got me thinking: What does it really mean to be in a relationship? Under the pretense of happiness, you go on for years, without realizing that you have stopped living altogether. Just because it’s not a likely-to-explode mine, and there aren’t angry explosions, many of us believe that everything is fine. But it isn’t.
Angie Lived more in 2 weeks than she has in 2 years. Why?
  • She didn’t have anyone to tie her down
  • She didn’t start with expectation or promises
  • She was doing what she loved
  • She was being loved, pampered and treasured
  • She had friends who were supportive and honest
  • She was amongst people who didn’t know much about her- so couldn’t judge her
  • There could be a long long list…
But what got to me was this:
You have only one life. Why should anything or anyone stop you from living your dreams? Why be so careful, calculated and boring? Why not go crazy, travel when we can, befriend people you really like, love with abandon, and live for the day? I was just thinking what is it, that at this point in time, that I really really wanna do (and can share here) as well. So here it goes:
  • I wanna travel
  • I wanna work for Cosmopolitan
  • I wanna travel to Paris and get a diploma in Fashion Journalism
  • I wanna make my parents happy and proud
  • I want the man I love to be by my side till kingdom come
  • I wanna lose weight, like 500kgs if I can!
  • I want to have honest friends
Now that I am at it, I realized that I could list down about a 1000 wishes without blinking, and quite a few of them would be in my reach-if only I could stop being lazy, afraid, let down my guard, conquer barriers or weren’t confined due to societal limitations.
The point that I wanna make here is that we really shouldn’t wait for life to kick us where it hurts, to wake up and live life. Do what you love, live the way you want, and most importantly, have fun. Trust me, not a lot of people today know how to do it. Love yourself and the skin you are in, surround yourself with people you adore and enjoy life.

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