We Love French Fries!!!

July 13, 2010 was National French Fries Day
Sweet, curly, spicy or slathered with chili and cheese, French fries are always a hit. That’s why we’re glad today is National French Fries Day!
The first French fries are said to date back to the 17th century in Belgium. The inhabitants of the region, which was then known as the Spanish Netherlands, often accompanied their meals with small fried fish. When weather conditions were too dangerous to fish, they “julienned” potatoes to resemble the fish. This meant that they cut strips of potato into long, thin slices. They then fried these potatoes, which served as excellent substitutes!
Jo Gerard was the French journalist who first reported this version of the origin of French fries, which is now widely accepted. However, the truth is unclear, as Gerard never came up with sufficient evidence to support his claims. No matter who invented them, we’re just glad someone did!
These savory delights have become a global phenomenon. Whether it’s “pommes frites” in France, “patatas fritas” in Spain or “chips” in the UK, French fries are a worldwide favorite. Grab an order of fries today and enjoy National French Fries Day!


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