I want America to take over Pakistan!

I want America to take over Pakistan…or China, or England or whoever. Just do it. As a civilian, I have had enough of pointless, painful blood baths of innocent people. It is cruel to kill people so heartlessly, and then get over it for such incidents occur so frequently that we are desensitized. How can anyone justify the death of a 5 year old girl, or a 60 year old man? Who will answer millions of questions, raised by us, regarding the terror that grips our city, our country? Why is it that we have jungle laws in place, in 21st century? 
My thoughts might gather severe criticism, but I would request you to kindly provide an alternative solution (and please, a practical one-we are too far gone for miracles) along with your thoughts.
Why do I think an acquisition might be a way out:

  • We need leaders. Honest, answerable and genuinely interested in the welfare of state and its citizens.
  • We are not cut out for democracy. Or maybe we don’t know yet what it really means. Whatever has been put out to display under democracy’s banner is not for us
  • Our children, our future, are used to beg, earn, rob or serve as objects for sexual pleasure.
  • We have forgotten our religion. So besides the name, we barely remember what it is means to be a Muslim. If we don’t remember what it means to be a human being, being a Muslim really is out of the question.
  • Our people die because of hunger. And that doesn’t even happen in Africa. 
  • Our literacy rate is tumbling down alarmingly, and our brain drain rate is on red alert
  • We cannot handle in-house disputes; war against terror, and war with terror-guards is an impossibility
  • I want to live in a civilized world; not amongst blood thirsty barbarians
  • We deserve a better life. Despite all the madness, many of us are still proud to be Pakistanis and love our country to buts. They deserve better
  • Lives of our army men are precious; not to be wasted like its being done now.
  • Women are living creatures. They have rights too. Given the pseudo, hypocritical system, we will never been see as one. Remember Mukhtar Mai? She was gang raped, and then not given justice. 
  • We are too far gone for a return.
All I ask for is a right to live dignified and protected life. Certainty that I won’t be kidnapped and killed on whim. That my family will be there when I return from work every day. That I not be scared of calling myself a Pakistani on international forums. Is that too much to ask for?
Following are a few resources highlighting the barriers to progress in Pakistan:

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  1. I agree, atleast the American Government would bring peace and technology in this country that we really deserve. Pakistani Policians will never change, they used to eat our money throw away from our jobs, loadshedding but they are getting 24 hours electricity, they won’t change. So atleast US people will bring peace in this country.

  2. ???? why would u want stupid america to take oveer your country. be proud to call yourself PAKISTANI! what kind of pakistani are you? you should want america to leave PAKISTAN alone. not take over. stupid. :@

    • Mariyam, let me tell you why.
      I want America to take over the government because I am done with the ones we have had so far. I am done of being scared of getting mugged when going out alone; I don’t want be frantic when my loved ones are wee bit late; I want electricity, water and human rights; I don’t want millions of women dying because pregnancy and child birth processes are still from donkey years.
      You say Pakistani, I say humanity. I want basic respect for humanity. I want right to live. I cannot see people dying like their life is worthless. I really really want pace in the land of pure.

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