Bradley Cooper, the delectable star of The Hangover 2, whose very presence can give most women a quake, also speaks French. Last week he gave an interview in what appears to be near-flawless French (in my mind, so please don’t ruin it by saying it wasn’t). It was hot. So, so very, very hot.

It’s the little things that drive us wild, and so few men get that. Foreplay is about more than grabbing at us and falling into bed that so many men have been taught by adult porn sites like There is sometimes a little something we can’t explain added to the mix, a certain je ne sais quoi. (See Bradley, I speak it, too!)
Still, some men do things without thinking that really get us going. So, to help them, here is a list of 10 other accidentally sexy things that men do that make us want them:

  1. Cook: It doesn’t matter if you slow braise or make artisanal sauces (although that wouldn’t be a bad thing), but knowing your way around the kitchen will make us crazy. The way to a woman’s heart and all that …
  2. Can say a man is hot: It shows you’re comfortable in your sexuality to be able to recognize another man’s sexiness. And that, my friends, is so very sexy to us.
  3. Good parenting: I don’t mean the guy changes diapers. That is so tired (though it’s also important). I mean he genuinely cares about and seeks out opportunity for the children. When he is with them, he is with them, paying attention to their needs, playing with them, and telling mom to go shopping as he wants time alone with his little babies. One mom said her husband makes up little songs for their daughter and that always makes her want to kiss him. Also when he cuddles them: HOT!
  4. Dancing: A man who can dance can also move his body in other ways, too.
  5. Building: There is something so hot about a man who can use his hands to fix things or to create things. Never am I more attracted to my husband than when he’s hot and sweaty from work and has just built or created something with his bare hands.
  6. Sporty: My husband was a very good athlete in high school and went on to be a Division One Decathlete. Now, he dominates every sport he tries (even bowling!). Watching him pick everything up so quickly is insanely hot.
  7. Play an instrument: Put a guitar in a guy’s hand and instantly the geekiest string bean becomes George Clooney.
  8. Tip well: Kindness is a huge turn-on, but not the kind they do to show off. It has to be real, genuine kindness, the sort that just emanates from them unconsciously.
  9. Make us laugh: Funny guys DO get the girl. Every time.
  10. Working: I once heard my husband on a conference call. He sounded so authoritative and smart and it was a context in which I rarely get to see or hear him. It made me want to jump his bones immediately.