Okay so I thought a lot before writing this piece. It would take above average IQ to really understand this one, so please judge yourself and act accordingly.
Anyway, so since forever I have been drilled about layering sunscreen before going out of the house. I naturally have normal-oily skin tone and sunscreen used to wreck havoc. My oil producing glands used to go over board and act unnecessarily efficient-thus producing tubs of oil. That used to get embarrassing, and icky. Then I discovered Johnson’s Baby Powder and it worked as my savior for quite a few months. But then came another round of summers, and the humidity wrestled with my skin and sunscreen, endlessly. Finally, sunscreen won and I shied away from crowds due to my skin concerns (Amm so that is a bit of exaggeration but regardless).
Then a friend of my elder sister visited us. She was, quite loudly, telling us all about this wonderful cream that does wonders as a sunscreen and is pretty good when it comes to taking care of skin generally. Interested, we all inquired about the brand and she confessed…
My my…my mother was disgusted. Whispering god-awful things under her breath, she left the room. One the awkwardness followed her out, we got back to her Fair & Lovely story. So, she told us all that she went to beach, laying Fair & Lovely all over her face, arms and legs, and she didn’t get any sun burns or unwanted tanning.  After that, I don’t really remember who said what…as I had my hands on a potent sunscreen replacement!
I secret bought a tube of that magical potion (well, that’s how I saw it back then) and applied it. I used it for a while, and then discontinued (for a reason my mind just won’t recall) and then all was forgotten.
This was couple of years ago. Maybe 3-4 years.
Coming back to present age, I had all but forgotten about my secret affair with the cream.
End of February 2011, a friend told me how her habit of always wearing sunscreen protects her skin from wrinkles and unwanted damage from exposure. At 23, I had such fears creeping me out on and off as well. Age lines and wrinkles are as feared by me and anyone else. For me, it’s not about beauty or appeal; its more about confidence that my being provides. I do not consider myself vain just because I would like to take care of myself-however much and in as many ways as I can.
Anyway, memory nudged and I thought about Fair & Lovely. So, yet again, I secretly bought and started using it. It gave my skin a very flaky and dry look, but it was better than wrinkles. However, two days later, my skin reacted-adversely.
All over my face were small, actually very small, pimples. They certainly were some allergic reaction. Quite a few, yes including you, noticed. I stopped using my pseudo sunscreen altogether. When my mother noticed and inquired, I sheepishly told her all about my experiment-yes, stupid experiment with my own skin. She just rolled her eyes, and said “you could have asked earlier! My friend’s daughter had worst kind of rashes on her face because this blasted cream and your sister’s friend, who used to be a brand ambassador for them, hates it now! She got scars because of continued usage. I hope you have stopped already”.
Embarrassed, I affirmed positively.
Lesson Learned:
1.       Always listen to your mom.
2.       Sunscreens are a must!
3.       Never use Fair & Lovely…like never.
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