Cinemas/theaters have added a new dimension to “Fun in Karachi” concept-and have been a treat for movie buffs. And then the addition of 3-Dimensional movie experience has further added to the entertainment value.
Earlier, only Atrium offered 3D movie facility but from May 20th 2011, Cineplex has also devoted an entire theater to screen 3D movies. I have been to both-and this piece is to serve as a review and assisting tool when deciding where to go.


In this category, Atrium takes away the spotlight-partially. Huge screens, amazing sound system and spacious seating arrangement are an amusing change for Cineplex, where screen is compromised and seated are glued to each other (all ways). However, for Thor (that I watched at Cineplex), sound quality was rather impressive. Every crash had us vibrating and added to the experience. Another thing-Atrium’s huge seating space means that you could be (unfortunately) seated
next to a bunch of super-irritating kids (This happened to me in RIO-just that they were behind instead of next to us) and ruin your fun time by the squeaky, continuous commentary and absolutely horrifying demands from their guardians.


This is one arena where I would say Cineplex beats Atrium. Atrium has grossly high priced popcorns (or so I hear). Furthermore, being inside a shopping mall, it could be quite distracting for a few of us out there. Additionally, it’s has quite a complicated way around it (the architect wasn’t as clear headed as he should have been). Other than that…oh I should dedicate a separate heading to this point.


The first time we decided to go to atrium, we returned back without being there. Traffic jams killed us, accompanied by severe heat. It was hot, crowded and irritating. Parking was a problem, unless you wanted your car parked by valet. And for some of us, who have security locks in our cars, it can prove to be quite a pain. Some may justify it by saying that it is located in city centre but really, how many of us dread passing by that particular center? It’s always crowded, and the gentry is rather questionable.

Mandatory Accessories

FYI-Cineplex provides 3D glasses whereas at Atrium, you have to purchase them. On the flip side, it’s a onetime investment as far as atrium goes and if you are a hygiene freak, it could be very difficult for you to use shades by who-knows-who!
Therefore, I really can’t say which one is better. If I, however, have to conclude, I would say:
Atrium is better, but Cineplex is more convenient!