White can be cool. White can be sexy. White’s no longer just for summer, we’ve seen celebs like Halle Berry, Rachel McAdams and Rachel Bilson wear white on the red carpet for quite awhile. The rest of us are going to start wearing white after Memorial Day (our moms would smack us if we wore it before that day).
How to wear it? You can wear all white, or white with a pop of color. Take AnnaLynne McCord: she wore a white blazer, white top with denim shorts, red shoes and jewelry and a neutral bag and it works. So, to make white pop even more, add pops of color with accessories to your outfit.
When choosing white, remember that there are dozens of shades of white: from arctic to a creamy almost yellow white. For maximum impact, make sure your whites match.


1. White enamel bangle bracelet watch)
2. V-neck stretch paneled dress
3. Woven leather shoulder bag
4. Sandals
5. Riveting bracelet
Style note: To keep things modern and chic, think minimalism. Keep the lines, the style, clean and unfussy.


1. Binary top
2. Linen capri
3. Crinkled patent leather wedge slingback
4. Knit tank
5. Foldover convertible cross body
6. Dreamy paisley waist sash
Style Note: Don’t be afraid to play with color, you don’t have to be matchy-matchy. Layering is a great way to play with color. Wear the tank under the Binary top. Use scarves as belts or a headband.


1. Lace scoop neck top
2. Shorts
3. Fashion sport chronograph
4. Two-tone hat
5. Cabezza
Style Note: Boho looks can combine classic tailoring with romantic flowy designs. Or whatever you want to combine for a look. Think 60s hippies, but chicer.




1. Splendid linen blazer
2. New York signature top
3. Pencil skirt
4. D & G Time Sandpiper watch
5. Peep-toe snakeskin embossed pump
6. Lizard bag
Style Note: You don’t have to look like Tom Wolfe or a doctor when you wear a white suit to work. Look for details in the tailoring and play with color.




Date Night
1. Dress
2. Black suede strappy gladiator sandals
3. Clutch
4. Crystal bi-level drop earrings
Style Note: White at night can be romantic, mysterious and sexy. The moonlight will help to give you a glow.