You need to grow up when you join the work force!
With my current employer’s operational base expanding, it is only obvious that they are hiring left, right and centre. You need human resource to instigate growth and revenues after all.
Being one of the 3 coordinators for department (i.e. Brand Management), I am closely associated with the recruitment process for our department. We follow a standard induction procedure whereby we receive job applications, we review them and if they meet the basic criteria, we call them for a written test. If they pass the test, they are called for an interview. A panel, which includes coordinators, domain owners and HR dept heads, sit through interview session with each applicant and if found complementary with organization and job description, s/he is hired.
Coming down to my experience…it wasn’t so smooth. Because the criterion for appearance for written test was very basic, we had morons of all degrees coming in along a handful of competent professionals. If the policy didn’t dictate so, I would have gladly shared a piece or two as written evidence of my claim.
Anyway, hoards of applicants continued to apply and we had to shoulder the responsibility of marring the written tests. Considering work demands, we couldn’t induct people at the pace higher authorities wanted and thus, took the task away from us. To that we said, Amen. Followed by ‘good riddance’.
But our relief was short lived. People were being inducted every week and the kind of people…*shudders*
Instead of narrating horrendous stories we lived, let me just get to the point that made me write this post.
A lot of students, when graduate, think very high of themselves. And rightfully so. Graduating from our education system surely needs patience and deserves pat on the back. But the real deal starts when you PERFORM your education. Corporate world and high school have nothing in common. And graduates would do themselves a favor by remembering this modest fact.
Furthermore, it is very much possible that what you have studied is hardly applicable in your work place. And if that bothers you, blame no one but yourself. Before joining any place, one must learn as much about the organization as possible. So if you didn’t do your research and joined with a careless attitude, it really is your fault.
Also, corporate culture in this time and age is far from conservative, it allows you to joke with your seniors and bully your juniors playfully. But the lines that define relaxed environment and overstepping your limits are always clear. If your boss extends support and casually joke around with you, you should know to what extend you can take liberties in retorting. It’s purely disgusting when I see newbies misbehaving, rolling their eyes or cracking unsuitable jokes. To me, it reflects your upbringing than corporate sense.
Lastly, competence overrides all flaws. Trust me on that. Behavioral issues might become obstacles for your growth but you will be indispensable if you are competent. And if you love what you are doing, you will be good. Naturally.
I doubt if I can conclude this write up anyhow. But it did help me vent out my frustration of dealing with nincompoops. Had it not been for a few valuable inductions and this blog, I would have screamed real loud by the end of the day. Seriously!