As the weather warms up and you start wearing lighter clothing, it’s also time to lighten things up in the makeup department. The warmer temperatures and humidity in some climates can affect your skin, so you need to make sure the makeup you’re wearing each day isn’t going to clog your pores and trigger breakouts. This is something you should definitely consider next time you’re looking for wholesale makeup to add to your collection. Lightening up some makeup shades and adding a hint of bronzer to your look can also help you put your best face forward this spring. If you’re looking for bargains to try and go through with this, it may be worth taking a look at different brands or trying to find someone that has the likes of a glossier rep code. Looking for different brand influencers is always a good starting point when updating your selection because you’ll get discount on items you’ve probably not used before. So, go ahead and trade a few of your makeup basics for lighter versions to update your look this season!
Here are five ways to lighten up your makeup bag for spring:
1. Trade foundation for a tinted moisturizer. Heavy foundation doesn’t bode well with humidity and hotter temperatures. Wearing a thick layer of foundation outdoors for a long period of time can make you appear too made up and any sweat will make your makeup run. Use a tinted moisturizer to save face – literally – this season. Tinted moisturizer with SPF can provide you with the coverage you need and give you a light layer of protection from the elements.

2. Switch from lipstick to lip gloss. Lipstick can be overkill during the warmer months, and even more so when you’re spending more time outdoors. Keep things simple by wearing lip gloss or a lip stain, instead of heavy lipstick. Lip gloss with a slight sheen can be enough to accentuate your lips with a more natural look. If you want to draw more attention to your lips, reach for the shimmering gloss instead.
3. Trade dark eye shadow for pastels and bright hues. If you’re a big fan of the smoky eye look, this is the season to lighten things up and play with silver, white and light grey hues. You can create a colorful smoky eye using a pastel color palette, and also trade out some of your darker hues for lighter shades in the same color family. Play with a few different colors to update your spring eye makeup collection.
4. Use mineral makeup instead of pressed powder. Mineral makeup can provide just enough coverage without weighing down your skin. Trade your pressed powder for a mineral makeup line and your skin may even thank you. Many mineral makeup brands are infused with vitamins and other skin-friendly ingredients, and will help your skin remain free of breakouts and other skin problems. You can apply this powder using a large makeup brush and blend it with other types of makeup to create a flawless look.
5. Trade cheek stains for a bronzing liquid. Cheek stains are great for creating contours around your cheekbones and accentuating the apples of your cheeks during the winter time. If you use these during the spring and summer months, the cheek stain will look very unnatural. Trade your cheek stain for a bronzing liquid instead, and use the same application technique to create contours on your face.
Bronzing liquid can be blended right over your layer of mineral makeup or tinted moisturizer using your fingertips, and can be your replacement for blush this spring. Just remember that a small amount goes a long way. Just a small dot on the apples of your cheeks is all you need to create a look that lasts all day.
From trading dark eye colors for brighter hues, to switching from foundation to tinted moisturizer, there are several ways you can lighten up your makeup bag for spring and show off a fresh new look. Try any of these five strategies as you update your spring beauty products and lighten up your makeup bag in the process.