I love being a nurse. Here are ten reasons why:

1. I have an associates degree and have been a nurse for only 10 months, yet I make more money than some of my friends with masters degrees. Less school and more money is a good idea for anyone.

2. Nothing grosses me out anymore, not even if I am eating. I am even okay with smells and I am pregnant.

3. Occasionally my patients or their family members thank me. This is miraculous and makes me feel good.

4. I am educated about illnesses and injuries. I feel armed with knowledge when I got to the doctor.

5. I am fully aware that doctors are just human beings that went to school for a long time. Therefore, they are not scary or intimidating. Also, I don’t believe everything they say.

6. Sometimes, I get to remove sutures, change disgusting dressings, hold pressure on a bleeding site, remove drains from people’s heads, or any other variety of cool things. This might not seem cool to some people, but it is awesome to me.
7. I have a drill that was used to drill through someone’s skull. It is a conversation piece to say the least.
8. It is the best feeling when people get all better and go home and then come back to visit us. Especially if they bring food. Especially if its chocolate.
9. I have seen babies be born. It is awesome and gross and fabulous all at the same moment.
10. I work three days a week and have the other four off to do whatever I want, every single week. I get to do normal stuff that most people don’t, like go to the doctor, bank or post-office without requesting a day off.
Some days, it’s not so great being a nurse. Here’s five reasons why:
1. Twelve hour days are very long and make your feet, head and back hurt. Especially if you are sick, pregnant or tired.
2. I have to work holidays, even Thanksgiving and Christmas. These shifts are also twelve hours long, so there is no way to celebrate with my family.
3. Sometimes patients are mean people by nature and the fact that I am taking care of them and helping them get better after something terrible does not change their personalities.
4. People are getting bigger these days. I’m talking about 400, 500 pounds of human being lying in bed helpless. I weigh 128 pounds at 5 months pregnant and I am expected to move them.
5. Doctors do not frequently appreciate nurses and the things that we do. We are there 24 hours a day providing care, medications, waitress-services, baths, assistance in moving, everything, for the patients they see for 5 minutes every morning. We are the work horses and they are the heroes.

Source: Associated Content