Being a romantic fool, I have always fancied red roses and chocolates at the mention of v-day. Maybe it was one of my juvenile fantasies but I always assumed that it’s a day and my significant other and I shall celebrate with required decorum. There will be wishing at 12, sweet whispers before we call it a day and one attempt after another the next day to make each other feel special and loved.
But then I was forced to grow up. Or acknowledge that it doesn’t happen my way. I won’t day that it isn’t the way it happens in the real world for I have witnessed people around me blushing over a beautiful bouquet of 21 red roses given by their better halves. But true is the fact that it doesn’t happen in my world. And it does upset me.
Yes flowers gifted all around the year, presents exchanged and adorable gestures to make the other feel special have their due importance. But all these cannot replace the significance of this particular day.
But then again, we cannot fight all that doesn’t suit our penchant or force choices down anyone’s throat. Thus, for all those who do have things as they would have liked-lucky you. And the ones who get to settle with what they get-it will be a better day tomorrow, or day after.