I have just watched “My Life in Ruins” and I am high on LOVE. So anyone who is averse to the idea of loving, being in love or loved should discontinue reading right this instant.
Please note, you have been warned.
Anyway, so the synopsis of the storyboard used in this particular movie goes like this:
This girl moves to Greece to teach history at some big-shot university. As times get difficult, she is laid off. To make ends meet, she starts to work as a tourist guide with a local company. Now she is the perfect example of a history teacher: uptight, stiff, no-fun and BORING. And because of that, she gets the difficult group of tourists…old, cranky, cocky…you name it, she has them. As she is to begin her tour, she finds out her driver is locked up in a jail and she is stuck with some “creepy, hairy, creepy” driver who, as she believes, doesn’t even know English.
Now enters this broodingly sexy man, hidden behind untamed beard and hair. He happens to be Poupi (pronounced as poopi), the temporary bus driver for the heroine.
As usual, the tour begins, the tourists are fed up of being in a history class and everything is frustrating. Believing the guy doesn’t speak English, Angie (her real name in the movie was Georgia but I like Angie better-see the movie to find out the reason) vents out her frustrations in front of him. And voila, she knows English just fine.
There is another very interesting character in the movie-Irv. He happens to be an old man, who is fun but can be hurtful if you don’t get his humor. After an unfortunate incident where Angie and Irv wrestle verbally, they become good friends and he takes it as his job to add some spark in Angie’s otherwise dreadful routine, and life. He tries to push her towards Poupi, who has eyes only for her. He gets her a daisy every day, and mysteriously puts in her way so as to not scare her away. Doofus that she is, she imagines this other high-class-waiter-tourist has hots for her and is subtly hinting his intentions. Irv urges her towards Poupi whereas she walks towards that waiter. But she soon realizes that this waiter is all about pancakes and syrup (another watch-the-move-to-find-out-what-it means moment).
By now, Irv has been successful in his mission — Angie laughs more, flirts more, empathizes more and dances more as well. And that gets her and Poupi close. She is being her innocent-vixen self, swaying provocatively in the bus to entertain her tourists and distracts Poupi so much that they barely escape an accident and screw up their ride (the bus).
While waiting for the bus to be fixed, Poupi is silently brooding-and the scene is breathtaking. The scenery is magically magnificent, with bluest of water and skies, earthy rocks and bushes that could prick and securely hold daisies at the same time. In the beginning of the movie, Angie insultingly asks Poupi as to what is he really doing in his life…and what are his plans. To that, he nonchalantly says, “how do you plan life?” Now at this beautiful location, he brings up that same subject again. Not to miss out anything, I shall quote the conversation-word by word:
Poupi: The first day, you asked me if I wonder what I am doing with my life. Right?
Angie: Yeah
Poupi: Maybe I can explain. What do you call that guy, who goes in front of the people and waves his d*** around
Angie: Oh…we call him Uncle Phil.
Poupi: What? Oh, no no. He is in front of the people who play the music.
Angie: Stick! That’s a conductor.
Poupi: Right. Right. A conductor. He comes out. He waves his stick. And people get to hear the most beautiful sounds in the world. He hears the music up close. He feels it in his bones. And that’s what my job is like. I sit there; I turn the wheel this way. Turn that way. And before me comes this great vision. Always beautiful. The scenery is frozen. Frozen music. And you know what I like?
Angie: you got the best seat in the house.
Poupi: Yes
(Bents down to pull away a daisy from the shrubs and gives it to Angie)
Angie: Thank you
Poupi: I like your passion for our history. But you are too busy looking up. Look here (places his palm on her chest). I know I am touching chests
(It gets awkward and he walks away)
From then on, it gets good for them both. They come closer, fall in love…and Irv happens to be the conductor of their love story. But other than them, there are other people whose lives have changed for good. There is more love in the air, more happiness and laughter. And as the tour is about to end, Angie gets another job in Michigan. But for her newfound love…she turns in down.
This movie, while remembering that it IS a movie, has an air of optimism that is so rare in my surroundings now. It allows people to love and care for others, without fear.
And on a more personal level, this movie mirrors the inner peace that love offers. Yes, it is not a bed of roses (sorry about the cliché) but it isn’t just bare side walk of thorns as well. It is about loving, accepting, appreciating and forgiving. Also, it is about being open to magic. Many of us hide under shrouds because we fear getting hurt. And yes, love does hurt sometimes. But when it is right, when the person is right and the time is right, you will understand that it is worth it.
Before I met my Eros (pseudonym for my HIM) I understood love like a blond bimbit, who just got artificially bronzed, would understand skinny dipping in salted sea water-with weeds. But after him, I know it like a mermaid. However tempted I am, I cannot go further with my personal tales but suffice is to say, he taught me love is worth it. We are worth it. Worth everything and anything.
Thank you baby…you make my world.
I started with an absolutely different intention, but now…I just can’t go on. Gotta be by his side. So, goodnight and peace out.